Essay about How Informatics Can Be Regarding Which Area Of Nursing Practice?

Essay about How Informatics Can Be Regarding Which Area Of Nursing Practice?

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After reading for this week assignment, I realized how in depth how useful informatics could be regarding which area of nursing practice you are at, and it is not just the use of computer when it comes to informatics. I would revise my definition of informatics is that informatics is the combination of nursing science, information science, and computer science. The use of informatics and technology helps to support the nursing practice, and it is associated with nursing education and nursing research (Mastrian & McGonigle, 2012).

Translational bioinformatics: In our ADH program, whenever we have a new admission; the nurses, social workers, and the activity coordinator works together and collect their information from their medical record, health issues, daily activities, and any social services that the patient has. From there, we enter on our database to and follow up every quarterly to see if the patient progress sees if there is any change. For the nurses, they have to constantly do a monthly note on the client and we have to look at those notes to see if the patient needs any assessment if their changes in their mental status.

Clinical research informatics: My job as an activity coordinator, I would always look up at different activities for the clients base on their health and see what is acceptable for them. I research about their disease and what activities are can them feel safe and improve their health. Many of our elderly clients have diabetes, osteoporosis, and serve dementia. For our dementia patients, they like to do beading because it helps them calm and relax, and they enjoys to remedies about old memories. Our osteoporosis patients enjoy slow movement exercise that helps with their joints.

Clinical in...

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...can touch on the environment, work and living places and more (Public Health Informatics, n.d). With public health informatics I can learn more about the public policy and provide good education for the patients, especially for the Vietnamese community I lived in.

4. With this course, I hope to enhance my technology skills when it comes to nursing practice. Since I am still an undergrad for nursing, if I start to learn early about different database and technology skill, I think it will be extremely useful for the future of my nursing career.


Mastrian, K., & McGonigle, D. (2012). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (2nd edition). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

American Medical Informatics Association. (n.d.). Public health informatics. Retrieved from:

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