How Ineffective Management Affects Head Start Essay

How Ineffective Management Affects Head Start Essay

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RMSER Head Start (herein referred to as HS) is a federally funded preschool program that has been operating in Colorado for over 30 years (Rocky Mountain Service, Employment, Redevelopment website, n.d.). Unfortunately, HS has experienced a lot of issues in recent years that have proven to be very costly for the program. In 2011, the Federal Review Findings indicate numerous compliance issues with program governance and communication, as well as problems with accurate and timely reporting (Rocky Mountain Service, Employment, Redevelopment website, n.d.). One finding in the report specifically indicated that HS was missing written operating procedures and standards for employees to follow. The Valley Courier reported in 2012 that the agency lost a contract in Alamosa, CO after 30 years of service in that area due to problems generalized as a loss of confidence in the program (Krizansky, 2012). An independent auditor reported the program lost federal nutrition funding due to “lacking managerial practices” (Rocky Mountain Service, Employment, Redevelopment website, n.d.). In 2013 the agency had to delay the start of the school year a week because they were under enrolled. In addition to these issues, HS has experienced high turnover, low morale, and growing communication problems. These issues are indicative of a bigger issue many refer to simply as bad or ineffective management (Houston Chronicle website, n.d.). The cause and effects of the ineffective management at HS along with potential solutions will be examined in this paper.
Ineffective Management
Ineffective management is a global issue that causes billions of dollars in loss to businesses each year. A report from the Chartered Management Institute indicates that in th...

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