How Individuals Contribute to Organizational Culture and Behavior Essay

How Individuals Contribute to Organizational Culture and Behavior Essay

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For this course, I am having a difficult time creating an artifact and reflection, since we have touched on several important topics during these past few weeks. With that be said, I feel that this course provided the most opportunities to assess our individual personalities than compared to other courses. The topics that were covered in the modules have allowed me to gain a positive perspective on how individuals contribute to organizational culture and behavior.
The first part of my Artifact is the MBTI assessment developed by Carl Jung. According to this assessment my personality rates as an INTJ (Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test, 2014). I included this assessment in my artifact because it is a snapshot of what I am experience at work right now. I get passed up for different opportunities and promotions within my office because I fail at marketing my abilities to my colleagues. On top of this, I have not been getting along with my supervisor. I have come to the conclusion that my supervisor and I have two different perspectives on situations and there is not much of a common ground for the two of to build upon (Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test, 2014).
As an INTJ I have high standards and to a lesser extent I impose those high standards on other people, like my supervisor. According to my assessment, others might view me as aloof and reserved, which makes it hard to understand my insights. At the same time, I blame the misunderstanding on the other person, instead of evaluating my own communications. This might have something to do with the constant differences between me and my supervisor (Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test, 2014).
I know there are going to be certain adjustments that I will need to make in order to advance, b...

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...ns. We study the cause and effects or relationships and teams to gain a better understanding of how to approach improving organizational behavior and culture. We assess our strengths and are weaknesses, so we can understand how we can make a difference as leaders (Nelson & Quick, 2013).

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