Essay on How Incarceration Affects Individual Level

Essay on How Incarceration Affects Individual Level

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There are many different social problem that causes stress in the family, such as, divorce, same sex marriage, and abuse/suicide. One such problem is incarcerated parents and the effects it has on children. In fact, as per the National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated, at Rutgers University in Camden, no less than 2.7 million American kids and young people have no less than one parent in government or state jail (with all the more having parents and other relatives in nearby correctional facilities), and 33% of them will achieve age 18 while a parent is in the in prison (“Parents ' Incarceration”, n.d.). Offspring of incarcerated parents are effected negatively by their parent’s. They are forced to encounter hardships on a societal and individual they may not have caused, such as, being bullied for not having both parents. There are many different mechanisms and theories today to help children cope with the life they are handed.
How incarceration affects individual level
When a parent is incarcerated, they do not just give up their freedom. They also reject and forsake the children and family they have left behind. These children suffer in many different ways. According to the American Bar Foundation, Roughly, half of all confined people in the United States are parents. Offspring of imprisoned parents additionally exhibit trouble transitioning to fruitful grown-up lives, indicating high rates of unemployment, lower instructive accomplishment, and more serious danger of contribution of illegal crimes. Children who are involved in illegal actions are less likely to want to further their education. For example, General U.S. school graduation rate of 40% drops to around one to two percent among kids with ...

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