How Important Is Religion Today Compared To Science? Essay

How Important Is Religion Today Compared To Science? Essay

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How important is religion today in comapared to science?

‘We need religion but really it's just something to calm us down. Like music'

Nowadays, as soon as the smoothening word ‘religion' is uttered people conjure images calculating created by the media, often this is associated with injustice, discrimination and distortion: they think of ‘distrustful Muslims', the 9/11 incident, which despite media reports and so-called ‘evidence' has not yet verified that Muslim ‘terrorist' elites were the culprits of such a crime; they also think of the London bombings which again have accused ‘terrorising Muslims' to be the suspect of. Furthermore, the media: they illustrate a common suspect of a suicide bombing who barbarically and unsurprisingly is male, young and Muslim. Little do they think of the gulf War killing MILLIONS of innocent people; instead they resort to resenting the ‘assassination' of THOUSANDS of Americans who themselves created the massacre, dying under one ominous bomb- it just had to be blamed on the Muslims, the religion they preach and the whole concept of religion itself. But what could possibly be their motive? Religious justice. The evidence? At one point they found a Quran in a car boot, however relevant that may be! It seems to me that all the evidence they have is one to commit blasphemy and disgrace towards the subject of religion. Also religion is now the main suspect of terrorism attacks, perhaps this is suggesting that religion itself is terrorising. If so, is religion like harmonic music or chaotic rock music? Considering my inquiries to genuine individuals it appears a devious disastrous delusion amongst the devils of our society! It appears the word ‘religion' is not so smoothening after all, more suff...

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... insult? Why should be seriously hard-headed preach our own faith only as supposed to but not as individually and uniquely taking into account our own beliefs and perspective on matters of morality and truth.

What people say about religion…

‘Religion shows there is more to this life than we see'

‘Courtship phobia is so extreme, I mean they kidnap beautiful women and hide them away as possessions- Disgusting'

‘Repulsive. Preachers take pride in honour killing'

‘A complete brainwashing process'

‘Religion is respective, so why do pretentious ‘preachers' or practitioners claim to be religious by taking part in yelling and ‘expressing' their holy suits- THAT IS DISGUSTING not religion itself I say those that shout aloud that ‘Jesus loves you' in public shamelessly, those who ‘practice' it with such unbelievable blasphemy know not the meaning of religion'

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