How Important Are Mothers And Their Children? Essay

How Important Are Mothers And Their Children? Essay

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How important are mothers to their child? Is one of the main question that P&G rose in their Olympic ad “Thank You, Mom.” In P&G’s “Thank You Mom” ad, P&G uses Olympians and Olympians’ mothers as a synecdoche to represent society’s need for a strong, supportive, and believing mother to help guide children throughout their coming of age no matter where they live in the world. The ad starts by showing four different families, from China, Brazil, United States, and England but focuses on the mom and their young children. The viewers can follow the children until they become Gold medalists at the London Olympics, which results from mothers’ strength, support, and belief.
The coming of age stage of a child is one of the most important step in a child’s life. In this stage, the child will learn from his or her surroundings and will acquire skills from his or her parents and environment. The child will grow to be an adult and will do so by assimilating competence from the adults around him or her. During that stage of life, a child needs to be encircled with people they can look up to and a person that can guide them throughout this complex stage of life, and a mother will usually be the one here for her child’s coming of age. A mother shows strength in many different ways; they are the backbone of the family’s emotion, they are there to make the booboos disappear with their magic kisses, they are there to keep the night monsters away, but they are also here to support their child. Mothers show strength in their daily routine, and no matter how stressed a mother is, she will always have a smile on her face to show her child that everything will be okay. In the ad, P&G portrays the mothers’ strength by demonstrating the mothers alwa...

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...eir child to follow and show them how to become a strong person. They teach them how to believe in themselves, how to defeat downfalls, and how to get back on their feet when life pushes them down.
Being a mother is more than just being a caretaker. It is about supporting them, believing in them and being strong when they are growing up to become an adult. It is about teaches them how to push through life just like an athlete would push through when they fall. Being a mother takes dedication and hard work. All those sleepless nights, those early wake-up calls, those long drives, are all examples of what is required to be a mother. However, they have an innate skill that no one else has that allows them to do all of those things. A child needs its mother from the time he or she was born and for the rest of their life no matter what where they were born in the world.

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