How Ignorant Can Society Be Stereotypes Essay

How Ignorant Can Society Be Stereotypes Essay

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How Ignorant Can Society Be
Stereotypes are present today and they are publicized through media, televisions, and magazines. Society makes this prejudgment based on your race, gender, religion, and evr your sexuality. They come up with these ideas without even getting to know a person, or where they came from, or even how they grew up. We are labeled based on what society thinks of us, which can impact our future. Stereotypes are barriers that I will have to deal with because it will take time for society realize that not all black women are angry.
Stereotypes still exist today and many people face different obstacles due to stereotypes. Being an African American women I have to deal with stereotypes based on what society thinks of me. According to Wendy Ashley “The “angry Black woman” mythology presumes all Black women to be irate, irrational, hostile, and negative despite the circumstances.” Society believes that if a women is black she is automatically this hostile person who cannot act appropriately in a formal place, or even in public. I have to deal with this issue because I fall under being a black women, even though I am not an angry black women.
One day I will be face an issue where I an going to have to stand up for something I believe in or defend myself and I will do so in an upright manner.But society won 't see this part of me because of the stereotypes that existed about women of color. Wendy states that “Black women who exhibit anger as a result of social injustice may be responding assertively and authentically but are perceived as unfeminine and unacceptable” If i was to show some sort of anger but I handled the situation is a positive and orderly fashion I would still be looked at as an “Angry Black Women” T...

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...ment made based on what society believes. If I am the minority is a dominate workplace I will be judged by everyone of my coworkers because of the way society, media, and magazines portray people like me. Educating those who are unaware is the only way we can slowly change the way people think of women of color.
I have learned people are not aware of certain issues people from other background face. This taught me that I should inform those who don 't understand what 's going on in today 's society. People are afraid to talk, and stand up for issues that they aren 't aware. Throughout the conference I noticed that the every discussion was followed by a statement on how we could resolved certain issues. Conferences focused on reducing stereotypes would help society become aware that there 's prejudiced statements are not always true about a specific group of people.

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