How I Talked On The Phone Having Conversations Essay

How I Talked On The Phone Having Conversations Essay

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My friends and I first examined how I talked on the phone having conversations. During that day I had a conversation with two friends, and even an interview type call from a college asking about a college tour I recently went on. We found that I didn’t sound like the same person talking to the different types of audiences. When I spoke with people my age or very similar in age, I sounded more like a young, unmatured teenager using short sentences or even rambling over the same subject for minutes. But when speaking to the college rep., I sounded very mature using strong words to explain into full detail and used way better vocabulary and sentence structure. Then we looked at another type of communication that I strongly use, texting. With the individuals my age I used every abbreviation possible like idk or lol or ttyl. It was the language we both spoke and understood and seemed acceptable. Between the person I was texting and myself, we didn’t think twice about using them; it was like that was our first language. But when texting one of my advisors, I took a longer time to reply to make sure I answered any questions and left no room for more questions. I also never abbreviated anything and again used a better vocabulary. This time around, I never thought to use abbreviations or short-cuts. And through this all, I was totally unaware I sounded like two different people.
Next, I took into consideration my cell phone use and if I was conscious about when and where to use it or if I overuse the device. My parents were for the longest time, strong believers in the fact that I didn’t need a computer or a cell phone, and since we didn’t have those I didn’t need internet at home either. But that helped me look at others and see that al...

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...ave to realize that you have a habit that needs to be addressed. Then you may go from there in how you plan to prevent it in the future depending on what your issue is. This definitely applies to people who are addicted to their phones, and most of them don’t even realize it or won’t accept that they are. We need to accept that it’s a problem before it gets any worse.
So as you think throughout your day, as to when you send that next text or make the next phone call, think about the correct language. Make it a habit to use, no matter who you’re speaking with. Come to a realization as to what’s wrong and what’s right as to when you should be on the device. There’s an appropriate time for everything; teach yourself when that is. And lastly, develop self-discipline. Become in control when handling the use of your language and your device and create a positive effect.

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