How I Pursued My PhD as a Middle Eastern Woman Essay

How I Pursued My PhD as a Middle Eastern Woman Essay

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From the beginning entering the gradate school was one of my main aims but the issue of how to fund my Ph.D. graduate school education was a major obstacle. In the Middle East there is an obvious lack of human rights and more particularly for women. Thus, it is quite hard to apply for a scholarship for graduate school and men have a complete advantage in any scholarship if existed.
In 2012 I joined UWM as a second Bachelor degree in Biological science. I was fortunate to be a student in Dr. Timothy J. Ehlinger class where our focus was to understand complex system in life and particularly in science and how to try to solve them in most efficient way. We conducted a study that will be publish in chapter of a book written by Dr Ehlinger. With the excitement of my first step in my dream career, after my first semester at UWM, I decided to join the Biomedical Science department to pursue my Ph.D.
Cancer research always caught my attention and I find myself most challenged while working in cancer researches. For this reason, I joined Dr. Jennifer Doll’s lab to pursuit my Ph.D. in order t...

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