How I Need A Lesson Plans That Meet The Criteria For All Students ' Needs

How I Need A Lesson Plans That Meet The Criteria For All Students ' Needs

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Since this class is very diverse and the students are currently being tested on their level and abilities in math, I chose to develop lesson plans that would meet the criteria for all students’ needs. Since I know that my students have the knowledge of the basic shapes, I will use this as the basic foundation for the learning tasks and materials. I will also utilize what I know about them as individuals and their position in the community. My lessons will use not just shapes, but pictures and real objects that have the same attributes of those shapes. To go even further, I will also incorporate their interests such as their favorite foods, sports, and other things in the classroom and community that they are well familiar with. I have integrated their background information and interests into the worksheets and manipulatives, such as cut outs of their favorite foods, games, and sports. Each of the lessons also include an engaging activity that involves the Hokey Pokey, a scavenger hunt, and peer play, which my students are familiar with. Choosing these activities and materials relates with the theory of constructivism. The idea of constructivism has been around since as early as philosopher Kant, with more recent theorist such as John Dewey, William James, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Jerome Bruner, and Ernst Glasersfield (Yilmaz, 2008). This learning theory focuses on using students’ background knowledge to increases comprehension and learning, which is important for all learners, especially ELLs. It helps the students see the relativeness of the content being taught and will provide them with a connection to their lives. These activities and materials will provide all students with a better foundation of learning diffe...

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... I will reflect on the language function in day two, lesson two. In this learning task the students will use the content that they learned in the video and our whole class discussion to explore familiar objects that have the shape of a triangle. I will have cut outs of objects like ice cream cones, pizza, half sandwiches, pennants, etc. and cut outs of triangles that match the same size and orientation of the objects. The students will be in groups of two to explore, analyze, discuss, and match the object cut outs with the triangle cut outs. The students will have to have to explore the best way to match these shapes through trial and error. They have to turn, flip, and move the triangles around to find the best fit for each cut out. They will have to think critically and discuss with their partners to find the best way to complete the twelve different matches.

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