How I Learned My Writing Skills Essay

How I Learned My Writing Skills Essay

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I was always taught one of the best ways to learn how to get better at something is to talk, and learn from someone else who is interested in the same topic. Compare ideas, learn what your good at, and learn what you need to improve on to better your skills. I interviewed my younger sister who is a senior in High School at Gibson Southern High School. She is enrolled in the senior English composition class which is a transfer course that is equivalent to t the he same English course I am taking as a sophomore in college. Yes I guess you could say she might be a little more intelligent than me. I interviewed her on questions covering pre writing, writing the paper, and revising to learn what she excels at, and what she needs to improve on. This is also beneficial for me to give me ideas to improve my writing skills. After the interview we learned that her prewriting and writing the actual paper were her strongest parts of writing, and she really needs some work on her revising.
Her pre writing was exceptional. Pre writing is where she spends the most of her time. Coming up with idea...

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