Essay about How I Learned From The Time Of The Writer As A Peer Tutor

Essay about How I Learned From The Time Of The Writer As A Peer Tutor

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Last week was the second week I worked in the center for the writer as a peer tutor. Unlike all panicking in the first week, I was calmer during the second four hours. I asked myself to be more focused on what I did wrong or anything I struggled with and tried to think about how I could do better in the next week. Therefore, though this week 's reflection might reveal some disappointed things I did during the last week, I thought it was valuable to make those mistakes in the earlier stage and to learn the lessons from them in order to do better in rest of the term.

The first problem that troubled me a lot was where I should set the boundary to prevent feeding the clients too much information but also effectively helping them. During last week 's four hours tutoring, there were several clients required helps on exploring ideas in their writings or speech. I found this kind of client often is at their early or middle stage of the writing processes regardless of how long they are facing the due date. However, it is necessary to divide them more narrowly into two types. One type of client is who does not have many thoughts about what they should write or even have difficulties to understand the question from the assignments; whereas the second type is that the clients actually have some or even many ideas, yet have troubles with how to organize or get start with their ideas and unsure if their ideas are good (can be understood by others). For the first type of client, what I used to do was read the assignment description with them again and asked them what they thought about the requirements. Sometimes the clients just looked at me so confusedly, and they could not tell me what their professors were asking instead of reading t...

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...iscuss a new edition of Othello. Then, I started counting half an hour since the time he came because I thought the drop in client ought to have a minimum thirty minutes appointment, which ultimately turned out to be a big mistake. Nevertheless, I kept thinking about how I would manage to help a client mostly in fifteen minutes the next time. In order to set a priority, I would ask the client what part of the writing troubled them the most because that probably was their weak spot. I always think writing is like building a barrel, and the shortest wood board would waste all the other talents. Take that client as an example, if I ought to help him with the consolidation between his thesis and supporting ideas in 10 minutes. I would ask him to write down or highlight the important phrases in his writing, so we could see if the sub-points actually back up his main idea.

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