How I Learned From My First Semester Of College Essay

How I Learned From My First Semester Of College Essay

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I wish I could write my younger self a letter. I want to tell her all the amazing things that will happen in college and not to be so worried, but I also want to tell her the bad things that happen. I know time travel does not exist, so I cannot, and young me would be mad at current me for spoiling stuff. Instead I write this reflection on what I think have been important lessons I learned from my first semester of college.
It takes time to adjust to new surroundings. I will not lie, the first night sucked. I did not talk to my roommate, and I woke up alone in the room. To this day, I do not know where my roommate went. That morning has been one of the worst days of my first semester. I already did not want to go to college. I remained apprehensive and very unsure about my choices in life. Waking up and feeling alone made me so upset. I used to be constantly surrounded by my parents, so I struggled without them their with me. I called my mom and just cried on the phone to her for a long time. It took a few days for me to adjust to living in the dorm. My roommate and I did not talk at all, and she spent most nights somewhere else, so I kept waking up alone. I had to adjust, and I eventually got used to it. Classes starting helped me adapt more, so I got more used to being in an unfamiliar place. Now, I sometimes feel weird when I go home. I have become so comfortable in my dorm that my room at home does not feel right. I do like the showers at home a lot more though.
I can stay close to my family without being attached to my phone. When I first moved here I called my mom constantly. Hanging out in my room or even walking somewhere, I would call her. At the beginning of the year I wrote a goal that I would not call my mom 24/7. At...

... middle of paper ... me. I sometimes let my judgment get clouded by other people, but she keeps me on track and points out my problems. Those nights I have made stupid decisions, I have learned from.
I think those experiences have taught me the most this semester. Many other events happened that I will not forget like getting pineapple at 1 A.M. on a Monday night, but those did not teach me huge lessons; they are just fun stories to tell about college and how I met people. All the layers in my jar of glitter can be seen in this paper through experiences and life lessons. As much as I wish I knew these lessons before I came to college, I would not be the same person if I did. I have learned to be grateful for the nights I felt like my heart broke because I learned how to help myself up. I still have so much to learn about life, and I hope I stay as aware of life as I try to be now.

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