How I Have Developed My Persona Essay

How I Have Developed My Persona Essay

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When I reflect on how I have developed my persona, I begin to see that its construction is a result of the impact that a variety of ideas have had on me. While some people like to say that they attempt to emulate a specific person, I have come to the conclusion that such endeavors inhibit a person from being unique. As a result, I have not tried to embody any of the people who have influenced me, instead I have mixed their ideas with my own in order to create my own unique persona. Allowing me to develop my own ideas, while also mixing in the ideas I acquired from others, such as: my parents, a vagabond, and those on the internet.
Like any other person, the shaping of my persona began in my early childhood, where it became clear that the people who most inspired me were my parents. Though most of my time was spent at school, it is clear that my parents’ strong emphasis on education and learning helped inspire my views on the need for a proper education. As I began to further my education, it began to surpass parents’ education. At that point the impact my parents had on my view towards education began to truly influence my life, since they could no longer help me on my schoolwork. I firmly believe that the most impactful skill they taught me was self-reliance and along with it came a greater attention span. According to Annie Murphy Paul’s marshmallow test, children with a longer lasting attention span tend to “do better in school and [later on in their] careers” (2). I have personally been involved in a marshmallow like test, as I was placed in the discover program and as a result spent more time than others working on homework. At the time, it seemed unfair and really dumb that I had to spend so much time on my homework, but no...

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...nternet sources. As I have mentioned, I see the internet as a tool, in the same manner that Paul does – as an extension of the mind -- and as a result both types of intelligence had a stronger effect on me, since they work together to strengthen one another. Though the idea of intelligence possessing many different forms may seem odd, intelligence acquired from any form has the potential to be very impactful, even more so when it is paired with another type of intelligence. Paul’s theory of varying types of intelligence, explains why people learn better in different situations, as well as why I have learned so much from sources beyond simply books. Intelligence as Paul describes it is not simply learning from books, but is instead the ability to tackle a situation head on and question it, while also personally deciding how the situation will affect one’s personality.

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