How I Hated Reading Writing Essay

How I Hated Reading Writing Essay

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Oh how I hated reading writing. Learning how to read and write I think would have been an exciting experience for most. For me I hated reading and writing, no matter how much of a smile it put on my mothers’ face. Reading felt like and still feels like punishment to me. I mean seriously; I am thirty-seven years old and, I am still writing papers for a class I already took and passed with a ( B) plus average. On top of that this class would be added to the debt I am currently paying for. Now tell me that’s not punishment. Every year I had to take a city board test. I remember my teacher telling my mother I was in the lowest percentile. Since then I was forced to spend hours reading and writing from a popular learning book called “Hooked on phonics”. It was torture! I couldn’t go outside or watch television. Basically I was a seven year old in solitary confinement. However, it paid off. I went from below the average percentile to above average. That summer I never read another book. You couldn’t have paid me to read or write anything. In fact my hatred became stronger.
I’m the apple of my great grand mothers’ eyes; well at least that’s what I thought.
One summer my mother let me stay with my great grandmother. My granny would take me everywhere. We went to the beach, carnivals, and the zoo. Every day was an adventure. My granny had a best friend whom grand daughter was coming to spend time with her as well. They thought it would be a good idea for all of us to hang out. Well normally I loved to play with other girls because around this time I was the only child, but this girl was a nerd. She wanted to read books and play school. Who in their right mind would want to play school in the summer time? She made me play the student...

... middle of paper ... say I received a twelve out of thirteen the other day on a quiz. The best part of it was when my English teacher said,” if you did good on this you will most likely do good on your nursing critical thinking as well.” That statement right there was the one that struck me. If this class can help me with my critical thinking skills and, to pinpoint what it is I need from a book or case study, then it explains my being here.
As you can see all my life I was either forced, trying to get approval, or had to prove a point when it came to reading and writing. Growing up people read and wrote stories as a hobby. I read and wrote as a necessity. I guess it’s no wonder why I hate it so much. It wasn’t until now that I actually had a purpose for it. Maybe this time around I can have a new experience but, until then I had reading and writing and I’m sticking to it. = ]

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