Essay about How I Design And Build My Own Robotic Hand

Essay about How I Design And Build My Own Robotic Hand

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How do I design and build my own robotic hand?

Designing and building your own robotic hand is an interesting way to familiarise yourself with the field of robotics. If you have an interest in engineering, building a robotic hand is a great way to learn many versatile, practical skills. This tutorial will show you the general skills and direction that can be followed to build a robotic hand.

My Project
My interests, for a long time, have included robotics, but I have never done any projects which involved it. Because of this I decided to look at some guides to give me a starting point. I found a guide on by a user called dschurman (dschurman,, 2013) which was very similar in principal to what I was trying to achieve.

From there I went through the steps I outline in the main section of this tutorial. Many of the skills I show in this tutorial are all skills I have learned through this project. Much of this was by trial and error and by trying different ways of doing things, but I did know most of the CAD skills I show in the tutorial and some skills were also gained from talking to people.

Below you can see the result of my project.

The materials might vary depending on how your hand is designed, but in the example these parts were used:
Material Description
3mm diameter bolt + nut
8mm diameter bolt (60mm length)
8mm diameter bolt (80mm length)
Arduino Uno or off shelf equivalent
Servo (higher the torque, lower the speed(per sec) the better) (fatlion, servo chart, 2015)
Breadboard Jump wires (male-male)
6V battery or array
Battery snap
Fishing line (high strength)

CAD software

3D printing software
I use UP! sof...

... middle of paper ...

...orts which are labeled as digital. On an Arduino Uno the ports you will use are ports 3, 5, 6, 9 and 11. With the remaining red and black cables, place them into two separate columns on a breadboard. You will then want to connect a ground port (GND) to the negative wire column. You can then attach a battery pack to the positive and negative columns. Supplied with the arduino should be a USB cable. This plugs into your laptop and is what is used to update the commands on the Arduino but can also power it (the batteries only power the servos and not the Arduino).

Link to program(edited from ‘DIY Robotic Hand Controlled by a Glove and Arduino’ by dschurman,

Total words(excluding tables, titles, references (including intext) and hyperlinks): 1877

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