How I Changed My Life Change Essay

How I Changed My Life Change Essay

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This is a story how my life change dramatically. It all started On February 16, 2006, in a small country called Guyana, I was fifteen years old. On a rainy day came a knock on the door bang! Bang! It was the mailman with a package for my mom; in the package had a letter with my name on it. Mother said “come here nekita read this for me”
As I opened the mail, I was a bit curious as to what might be inside, so I began to read when I said “oh my god mom it’s from the embassy” suddenly there was a scared look on my mother face. “She said continue reading Nekita” the letter said I had an appointment to go into the embassy to collect my visa to come live with my dad and there was a few things we needing to bring.
In a few days after receiving the letter it was time; on my way there I was nervous, my stomach felt like it had butterflies inside. When we got there the guard, said “please have a seat and wait to be called”. I remember the gusty winds that sound like a tiny whisper in my ears saying don’t go in. Finally the guard the said my name “nekita”, I got up hesitating to walk to the do...

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