Essay on How I Can 't Hear Them

Essay on How I Can 't Hear Them

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They think that I can’t hear them. They think that I am brain dead, unconsciously lying on this hard hospital mattress. What they don’t know is that I can hear everything. Every weep, prayer, and every sad word that my wife whispers to me. I long to be able to reach out and grab her hand, to tell her that I am still here, and that everything will be okay. I hear the doctors talking as well, and I feel that my death may be imminent.
The accident happened a week ago. It was a Monday morning. I woke up at 6:00 am as usual, followed my normal routine of shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and kissing my two-year old goodbye. It was a foggy morning and I was in a daze, thinking about the massive amount of work I had to get done at my boring accounting job that day. All of the spreadsheets, the paperwork, the - BAM! I was so distracted by the thought of work that I didn’t notice the semi-truck that was flying down the highway, right in front of me! I was t-boned on the passenger side of my car, thankfully. If I would have been hit on my side I would have surely been dead. I felt my head go through the windshield and I saw the pavement coming closer. Everything after then was a blur. The only thing I can remember is hearing glass shatter and metal bending.
Darkness. Nothing but darkness. Not your usual type of darkness either, there was a sort of a vacantness, I could’ve swore that I had perished in that terrible wreck. But amazingly, my heart was still beating, my blood was still pumping through my veins, and my soul was still with me, but my mind was dormant. There was not one thought in my mind, I’m not sure how long I was out, but I assumed it was a couple of days after hearing the doctors talking.
“His vitals aren...

... middle of paper ... happiness, but I could hardly talk. Every word came out as a long slur, and I was barely understood. Soon the doctors came to sedate me, and had to reinsert my IVs and put me back on the ventilator. I was in the hospital for two more weeks, and it took many months of rehabilitation for me to regain my motor skills after being in a coma for only four days, due to the immense swelling of my brain after the accident. Now, I tell my wife every day that I love her, I spend more time with my daughter, and I take time out of my day to sit and truly appreciate the life that I have. I have never believed in fate, but I think there was a reason that all of this happened to me. Lying in that hospital bed, unable to speak, made me realize how much I truly have to be thankful for. It opened up my eyes to how precious life really is, and how it can be taken away in an instant.

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