How I Am Passionate About Progress? Essay examples

How I Am Passionate About Progress? Essay examples

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When was the last time you laid in bed staring at the ceiling? Many nights I have laid in bed considering how best to convey my passions and plans. Being an entrepreneur is more than owning and running a business, it is sparked from the soul and manifests every time I push forward. Often, I feel like a rubber band. I stretch myself farther and farther until I adjust to the new tension; then, I do it again. Change is not an option; it is an absolute. To me, entrepreneurship is synonymous with the need to improve.
I am passionate about progress because it is the catalyst for all else. Change differentiates the dynamic from the stagnant and drives the desire to build a solid foundation. Two quotes motivate me to pursue change constantly. The first, ‘If you want something badly enough, you will find a way, if not, you will find an excuse,’ encourages me to take responsibility for my own success. Passion is empty without fulfillment; which compels another favorite adage: ‘Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.’ A solid bedrock built with dedication and determination has no replacement. I am passionate about cultivating the personal attributes that advance my goals no matter which endeavor I pursue.
I see things every day that I want to make better in the world around me, but I cannot solve problems with knowledge and skills I do not yet possess. Right now my operative investment is my education and how I use it to improve. As an entrepreneur, I can rely on little else. Markets change, funding changes, technology changes; in fact, change itself seems like the only constant in the equation. A solid foundation lends me the ability to adapt. I prize versatility, and as a CEO, I know that I need to cultivate a holistic mindset to see ...

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...nce outside of it. Our excitement to pursue new endeavors will be tested by obstacles. It is paramount that we meet them with heart.
Last spring, I did more than volunteer for Wolffest. I started and ran a scholarship fund that awarded five students, I worked at a demanding office, and I developed a presentation on post-merger integration with a team of students. I know what it means to determine your own success. It is in the late night choice to stay in the library. It is in conquering fear to deliver an hour-long presentation to senior managers and more importantly project confidence to the underclassmen on the team. I lead others to take the small steps with me to pursue our larger goals. I bring an infectious passion met with diligence and drive to every undertaking. I want to become a better leader in the Wolff center and be a catalyst for greatness within it.

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