Essay on How Humans Developed: The Homo Sapiens

Essay on How Humans Developed: The Homo Sapiens

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“The scientific study of how humans developed did not begin until the 1800s in Europe. Until that time, people relied on religious explanations of how humans came into existence. Starting in the 1500s a scientific revolution began to sweep Europe. Thinkers started using scientific methods and experiments to try to better understand the world and the creatures living in it. Eventually these methods were turned to the question of human origins” (The Nature Of Human Origins, 1). Earth made it possible for species to change over time because Ancient Earth provides ability to plenty of time.The Homo Sapien a is very complex creature. The species started off very simple by living in caves and surviving with little food and then later evolved into a species that were able to do many more complex things. The first species was Sahelanthropus tchadensis They were one of the most simple humans in that time period and on. They had very small skulls compared to Homo Sapiens today and their motor skills were just the same. We have evolved and changed for the better both mentally and physically. The Evolution of Homo Sapiens started off simple, such as the Neanderthals, and now we are the most advanced species to ever walk the planet so far.
The first group of primates was the Ardipithecus group. They were the earliest humans closely related to other primates. The Ardipithecus group evolved in Africa and took the first step upright on two feet. Sahelanthropus tchadensis was the first human species to ever walk the earth. They were the building block of more complex species to come. There were many species that started the human race such as the Orrorin tugenensis. This species was nicknamed the Millenium Man and live 5.8-6.2 million years a...

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...ated to be 20 years old when he died. He was buried in a graveyard with many others. The Homo Sapien was the most and still is the most complex and diverse human created so far.
In conclusion, the Homo Sapien is the most complex creature and it gets most of its features from past ancestors. The Homo Sapien gets its walking upright ability from the Australopithecus Genus. We get our large molars from the the Paranthropus Genus. We also get our cultural and artwork abilities from the Homo Erectus group. We learned our craftsman skills from the Homo Habilis group. Overall the Homo Sapien’s group is very diverse with all the evolving it has done from the beginning of time and passed on from generation to generation these skills, and these skills are still used until this day, we would never be as advanced as we are today if it weren't for the past of the human race.

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