Essay on How Hitler Changed A War Torn Country

Essay on How Hitler Changed A War Torn Country

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How Hitler came to Power.
Adolf Hitler is one of the very few men whose name will be remembered for years to come. He was the Führer of Nazi Germany in 1945 and known for being an anti-Semite who ordered the execution of over 6 million Jews. The question are; how did this man come to power? And how did Hitler change a war torn country to a super power? There are many factors that ultimately led Hitler to becoming Fuhrer. Few major factors were the 1929 depression, a very unstable government and Hitler being appointed chancellor. After the First World War, Germany was on the brink of collapse. To many peoples surprise Hitler has tried to take it with force once, but in the end gained the power legally through the democracy system and dirty politics.
Due to the loss of the First World War, Germany was forced to pay the allied forces reparations. This took a major toll on the economy of the country leaving it in the hands of the United States of America and partically to other wealthier countries. America handled the most of Germany’s debt this meant that once Wall Street (America’s biggest stock market) crashed in 1929, Germany’s economy completely collapsed. For a while now Hilter had already had his foot in the door with the nation’s political parties. . The Nazi party had been slow with gaining the support from the people that it needed to gain political straight. Hitler had previously tried to overpower the government at the Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923 (Gutman, 1990). As a result he was charged with treason and jailed for nine months. The jailed term helped him reach success through gained public recognition (Gilbert.2000) and realisation how to gain power through the electoral system. Up to 1928 the Nazi and the communis...

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...ct essentially meant Hitler had full dictatorship of the nation (Thomsett, 1997). On March the fourth the bill was in the stage of voting and the whole parliament building were flooded with armed Nazi chanting “Full powers – or else! We want the bill – or fire and murder! The Bill was passed and Hitler gained full dictatorship status on that day.
It’s easy to think today that Hitler gained his power through masses of troops and fire power but when looked on closely he did so mainly through politics. The Nazi party went from a very small party to second biggest, mainly due to “the great depression”. Once Hitler and the Nazi party gained popularity, he was able to work his way to Chancellor because of a very distrusted and instable parliament. Only when Hitler gained chancellorship did he have the true power to use his troops in order to create a dictatorship.

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