How Hitler and Nazi Soldiers Got Away with the Holocaust Essay

How Hitler and Nazi Soldiers Got Away with the Holocaust Essay

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When it comes to rights and responsibilities, the Nazi soldiers abused their power and diminished Jewish rights. It was their belief (the Nazi soldiers) that it was their job to destroy and end a race, the Jewish race. They were led by the all famous Adolf Hitler. Many are surprised that Adolf Hitler was able to carry his evil plan so far, and others are not surprised at all.
Adolf Hitler wanted the Jewish race to be destroyed forever. But he didn’t just stop at beliefs. Even if you were a Christian, Catholic, Atheist, etc., you were still in danger. You were still in danger because if you looked Jewish to him then you were swooped up and taken hostage in a concentration camp.
He considered any one Jewish if you were not up to “code.” If you were not blonde with blue eyes and white, then in his book, you were Jewish. He based this off of what his mother looked like. But Adolf Hitler is a very confusing man. He loved his mom and based the look of what people should look like (in his mind) if they were Jewish off of her, but yet at the same time she was Jewish.
At first the concentration camps were advertised and the Jewish race could go there if they wanted. The advertisements that were displayed were merely illusions. They appeared to be great places, but in reality, they were terrible. The advertisements showed jobs and a lovely community. There were also showings of a bunch of recreational activities for families, children, and adults. The place was too good to be true.
When the advertisements were not gathering as many people as they wanted then they started to do the road sweeps. It got to the point to where if you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time, you were as good as gone. Every Jewish person was f...

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... few years after the war. We went to war in a way with the Nazi’s in a way and those results turned out good, I guess you could say. In the end, the Nazis lost the war and the Jewish peoples were freed.
During the war, when Adolf Hitler figured out that he was not going to be able to win the war or weasel his way out of it, he died. He committed suicide. If you ask me that is the coward way. If he had enough courage to take away thousands of lives then he should have at least gone down with a fight. Adolf Hitler is one very confusing man. I will never fully understand any of his reasons.
The Nazi soldiers were like a living, breathing, and nightmare. You could call the concentration camps terrible, but I don’t think that is a strong enough word for just how terrible and messed up the concentration camps were. I’m sure any prisoner would heavily agree with me.

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