How Hip Hop Negatively Influences Today 's Teen Essay

How Hip Hop Negatively Influences Today 's Teen Essay

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How Hip-Hop Negatively Influences Today 's Teen
“We teenagers are growing up in a society where the media has a great impact on our lives,”said a teenage author of an article on Teen Ink. Hip-Hop, is the most influential source of media that is affecting today’s teenagers. How is it affecting them? The Hip-Hop and Rap music industry rap about drugs, money, women, and cars causing them to want to experiment with new drugs, steal, sell drugs, have sex, vandalize, disobey the law and try to be someone they aren 't. Even though some teens from the ghetto look up to rappers that were once like them and became successful, hip-hop music still has a negative influence on teenagers because they want to model the rap artist lifestyle and listening to hip-hop music encourages teenagers to try drugs.
Some teenagers that are from the ghetto or other places where they don 't have the best lifestyle, look up to rap artist that once lived like just like them and became successful. This is a positive influence for some teenagers. An example of a positive influential rap artist is Tupac Shakur. Tupac grew up on the streets of Oakland, CA where there is a lot of crime and the way people live is not that great. He began to rap and quickly began to gain fame. Once he had more money he moved away from Oakland to Los Angeles, CA. Some of his songs talk about how many people have to change their lifestyle because it is only encouraging young adults to act the same way. Same way being, that some people like to hang out on the streets slangin drugs, disrespecting the law as well as disrespecting women, and not going to school.
Tupac did not only have a positive influence on people, he was also a negative influence. He made about ten songs on change and ...

... middle of paper ...

...oesn 't only make teens want to go out and have sex themselves but for some girls it might even make them feel unwanted because of how their bodies are. Another negative rap artist is Eazy-E, he has been dead for about 19 years now and his music is still influencing many teens to be gangster like he once was. Most of his songs were about thugs hanging out on the street and smoking or selling drugs. He himself was considered a gangster from Compton, CA , always disrespecting the law and women in many if his famous rap songs.
So it is clear that although some teens from the ghetto look up to rappers that were once like them and became successful, but hip hop music has a negative influence on teenagers for two main reasons. First, teenagers want to model the rap artist lifestyle. But most importantly, listening to hip hop music encourages teens to go out and try drugs.

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