Essay on How Helen Keller Helped to Improve the World of the Disabled

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Without doubt, Helen Keller is now a household name in nearly every part of the world (too bad she could never hear it.) Helen Keller faced many childhood and adulthood difficulties, and remains to be seen as an extremely positive influence for all women. From my perspective, she was a hardworking activist with her own personal views and opinions despite her ailments. Keller is a true role model for all women – especially those with their own diseases or disabilities. Feminists of all ages could look to the path Keller made for them in the world of women suffrage and equality.
One of the things I found to be the most astounding about Helen Keller was how many organizations she had a hand in founding. To start, her own organization, Helen Keller International, was founded by Keller and George Kessler in 1915. This organization was focused on Keller's yearning to help others with vision problems, as well as other health issues. (Keller, My Later Life 123)Scarlet fever is now thought to be the culprit that took the young girl's sight and hearing at only 19 months of age (Keller, The Story of My Life 16). In her later years, Keller became a strong political activist, an author, and a lecturer. After overcoming her own impairment, she sought to help others with similar disabilities, concocting speeches and presentations to aid them in their own travels.
Almost everyone can tell of how Helen Keller learned ways of communication through her aid and teacher, Annie Sullivan, but not many know of her later years, which I have found to be the most interesting. Another is the American Civil Liberties Union, which involves protecting every US citizens rights. Along with these organizations, Keller was a huge part of the woman’s suffrage mo...

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... words by touch only, which is extremely incredible. It is truly amazing to see someone overcome their difficulties in such a creative way.
In conclusion, Helen Keller is one of the most incredible women in the history of America. Keller overcame every obstacle in her path, no matter how difficult that proved to be. Despite the fact that she could not speak effectively, she continued to travel all over the country (and eventually the world) to hold seminars and speeches for women and people struggling in similar ways to her. I am amazed that Keller was able to leave such a strong footprint for women of the modern age to follow, and I believe that her opinions should still be followed today. Her beliefs of peace and equality are incredibly relevant to what America is facing today, and citizens of the United States should look to Keller to guide their own perspective.

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