How Healthy Food Is Not Accessible And Available For Families With Lower Incomes

How Healthy Food Is Not Accessible And Available For Families With Lower Incomes

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Throughout this past semester in English 1103, I have written several papers that have showcased my ability to be a good writer. My essays that I composed throughout this class all had to do with the fact that healthy food is not accessible and available to families with lower incomes. At the beginning of the semester I did not have a lot of interest in my topic, but as I continued to write my papers I realized how severe this issue really is and how prevalent it is in our society today. My thesis, “In this paper I will be discussing how healthy food options are not available to families with lower incomes, thereby reducing their chances of obtaining sustainable nutrients while also increasing their chances of having health risks such as diabetes” does a great job of clearly identifying the points that I will be discussing further in my paper. I believe that my thesis is solid because it is arguable and I tried not to make my points very broad so I can focus on specific details. I made an effort to show that this issue can occur to anyone by bringing up the food deserts that are happening in the High Point, Greensboro area. Liz Pleasant, who talks about Greensboro and High Point in an article about Greensboro states, “Guildford County, North Carolina, has 24 food deserts-high poverty neighborhoods where at least one third of the residents live a mile or more from a grocery store” By expanding on this section of my essay, I was able to show how the issue really affected certain groups of people rather than just show research on this issue.
I have worked very hard on these papers, and none of the papers I have written have been thrown together at the last minute. I have made sure to keep my essay organized throughout the entirety ...

... middle of paper ...

... to bring my opinion into the paper. I think it is a good idea to bring what you think into a paper because it shows how this problem can affect people and how they think. I saif that, “For most of my life I have been under the impression that for people who do not go out of their way to find work and who do not make an effort to earn money, deserve the negative effects of living in poor conditions.” From this quote I went into how since researching this topic my opinion has drastically changed.
Overall, I think this writing assignment was a very positive experience for me. I enjoyed being able to keep the same topic, or at least ideas throughout the whole semester. It made it very easy to improve our thoughts when we stuck with the same topics. I think over the past semester, my writing has improved, and I hope it continues to improve as I continue through college.

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