Essay on How Healthcare Provided By The Government Help All People

Essay on How Healthcare Provided By The Government Help All People

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How can healthcare provided by the government help all people? Over the year’s health care has gone up a significant amount. People cannot afford to pay for it, so many are not covered. Lots of people become sick and stay unable to receive treatment because they are not apart of health care or capable to pay for hospital expenses. The government should take responsibility for the people and take care of health care charges. The president, Barrack Obama came up with an affordable health care insurance called Obamacare. Medical expenses should not be a reason for people to stay unhealthy. Health care should be provided by the government because it can make people become healthier, save money and more life’s can be saved.
Health care can make many people become healthier by offering free access to medical help. First, due to high medical cost, many Americans avoid a visit to the doctors and rather stay ill. For example, “There were 11.4 million uninsured working-age Americans with chronic conditions” (“RighttoHealthcareProCon”). Furthermore, chronic conditions are important issues a lot of Americans can face if free health care cannot be provided by the government. Second, free health care should be offered by the government. As an illustration, many Americans refuse to spend money on health care because of how high the medical rates are (“RighttohealthcareProCon”). In fact, high health care prices are affecting the way people decide if they should be covered by it or not. Third, health care insurance is expensive and many people cannot afford it, people avoid getting taking care of and it is resulting in death or increase their risk of getting a serious disease. To illustrate, “Lack of health insurance is associated with as many a...

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Making people become healthier, save money and saving more lives is why the government should offer free health care insurance for all people. Obamacare is helpful to many people, but it is not free, which can be a problem to those who do not have a job. Having the government provide free health care can be a help to all people because it will help save money and stay healthy. Saving money, staying healthy and having more lives being saved are important major difficulties everyone should be able to do to live a good long life. The healthier people existing in the world, the better place it will be. That is why the government should work out a system where all people can receive free healthcare. Free health care can help save many individuals, all people should come together and make this happen in order for everyone to save money and live a longer happier life

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