How Health Care Has Developed Over Time Essay

How Health Care Has Developed Over Time Essay

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This research report gives the readers a glimpse of how health care has developed over time. The report will explain the technology used today to aid patients needs and ease the jobs of clinicians.
For many decades, health care has been an essential to many to save lives and care for people. Throughout time questions were asked to find a way to make hospitals, clinics systems more effective. Many problems on how to care for patients in an efficient way was solved by technology. There were many barriers why Healthcare has evolved with the help of technology and will continue to do so in the future. Technology has improved health care through mobile apps, developing technology for those with disabilities, and monitoring.

Mobile phones services and applications have been developed in the 21st century and has also improved health care. We have the advantage of accessing our needs more easily through our phones such as emails and reminders, it can help us with out with our health as well. Nearly everyone in 2016 now has subscribed to a mobile network. The iPhone has updated its software and added a new built-in health app to help us keep track of our health data such as weight, vitals, nutrition even sleep analysis. It’s up to the patient if they would like to keep track of the data. Healthcare is more helpful with technology because all these companies decided to invest in them.. We have pedometers to help us with our daily exercise, those dealing with obesity can keep track of their progress by checking their cardio and how many steps they have taken. It is also being used within healthcare organizations for example “ a conceptual model of integrating mobile technologies into EHRs was developed” ( Macharia, Singh, Zuva (2016). EH...

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...ble to get alerts when things go haywire (Telus,2016). Monitoring is a necessity for patients so the data is analyzed by their health care provider and their health is improved.

Healthcare will continue to evolve the next generation will carry on to care for humanity and are capable of working on new ways to care for those in need. The new technology will always be available and in the making for the future. Healthcare would not be what it is today without the help of technology through mobile services and applications, new development of technology for prosthetics, and monitoring. Imagine the astounding things that technology has helped us make history, and will do as well for the future. Technology has made an impact on our lives; negative and positive. We must not underestimate technology as well it could turn on us as it may be more intelligent than humans.

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