Essay about How Health Can Contribute The Overall Health Of A Person

Essay about How Health Can Contribute The Overall Health Of A Person

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No matter what walk of life a person comes from, good health is always of the utmost importance. Our bodies a sacred vessels and the way we treat them will in turn decide how they treat us. When trying to get the perfect shot photographers often use a tripod. They use a tripod because it serves as the foundation of what they are trying to accomplish. A shaky foundation will produce a shaky photograph, your life is supported by a tripod, too. The legs consist of: Mind, Body, and Soul. Each one of these aspects play a vital role in determining the overall health of a person. This paper will serve as a reference guide to see exactly how these various aspects of health can contribute to an improvement of overall longevity.

1. Mind
We all know the significance of keeping up great physical fitness — we 're hit over the head everyday with advertisements for workout DVD’s, eating regimens, and blog entries on what vitamin supplements to take to get that perfect beach body. What 's not as habitually tended to, nonetheless, is psychological well-being, or mental health. The medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), frontopolar areas, posterior parietal areas, and the left inferior frontal gyrus (IFG) are thought to be essential for the improvement of knowledge and verbal insight in kids. An overexposure to TV, and also the PC will altogether debilitate improvement in these areas of the mind. Our brains are truly the most essential muscle in our body, to ensure adequate mental health we must lead active lifestyles and eat well. Physical and mental wellness are firmly connected; it’s very easy to enjoy life if your body feels great. You don 't need to go to the rec center to work out – cultivating a garden, vacuuming, and even dancing will keep you ...

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...iece of Earth, so interface with creatures and Nature. Our requirement for inclusion makes us search out camaraderie and a feeling of importance where we can contribute to the greater good of society. So even if you’re timid, get out there among people. Not only is it fun, it (friendship) is essential to the soul.
Before we had emergency rooms, Herbalife, and Shaun T DVD’s we had Mind, Body, & Soul. All three of these components are equally important to the overall wellbeing of a person, and we must strive daily to constantly reinforce them and make improvements to them when necessary. If you sit on the couch all day and watch TV you are wasting the three greatest gifts that were ever given to you by the creator. However, if you: stay alert (mind), stay active (body), and stay connected (soul) not only will you live long, you will live life to your fullest potential.

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