How has Depression, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, and Schizophrenia Been a Factor for Repetitive Self Harm in Southeast London?

How has Depression, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, and Schizophrenia Been a Factor for Repetitive Self Harm in Southeast London?

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How has depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and schizophrenia been a factor for repetitive self harm in Southeast London?

This question will be approached by using a qualitative research study method.
The goal of qualitative research is to hear the silenced voices by exploring a group population where variables can not be easily measured. Interactions among people are difficult to capture, and therefore, existing issues such as gender differences, race economic status and individual differences may not be measured properly by only variables.
qualitative research can be is used increase understandings that can add general knowledge to improve and implement policies and interventions Human beings are complex, unpredictable and are capable of pondering on their own behavior, therefore qualitative study aims to understand human behavior instead of trying to explain people and society.The aim of the study is to compare the mental illnesses schizophrenia, depression PTSD, and bipolar disorder to determine which are high factors of repetitive self harm, in order to recommend possible prevention strategies to reduce the incidence of self harm. The objective of this study is to identify factors that influence repetitive self harm by comparing and contrasting patients that previously suffered one of the mental illnesses . It is also to further recommend preventions strategies or programs by obtaining opinions of successful recoveries through programmes, therapies and medicine.


The epistemological approach of the study will based off the constructivist/relativist exploratory approach. This will be based by conducting forms of interviews with aims to deepen our understanding of phenomena.
Relativism is known for ...

... middle of paper ... from facilities may be difficult to analyze as the original observer maybe recording data for purposes not related to the study. The clinicians and counselors may also be hesitant to provide such data in respect to their own confidentiality promises.The usage of gatekeepers may also it make it difficult to obtain the needed participants for the study. This is due to the overall concern of the mental safety of previous patients. Some strengths include personal in depth understanding behind such behaviors that can help implement future sustainable therapies or preventions. This study will also give participants the opportunity to speak about what they experience, it can be seen as if Participants are ultimately helping others who suffer from the same issues by speaking about their own experiences and how they overcame their obstacles.


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