How Has Dating And Marriage Changed Essay

How Has Dating And Marriage Changed Essay

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How has dating and marriage changed approximately the last 50 years? To answer that, we will travel back in to the past and get perspectives from individuals in each generations and learn what life was like back then. Not only will we learn how the dating world changed, but discover how the roles of men and women differ. In this paper, I have interviewed 6 individuals, a male and female from each generations as they recalled their life and gave their opinions on this topic. Believe it or not, even though 50 years is a long time, not much has changed in the dating and marriage world.
To begin with, the 1950s was a sophisticated time when it came to dating. The males would asked the females out on a date. Unless it was it was a special event such as prom, it would be unusual for women to ask a guy out. Not only would the guy ask the girl out, the men would pay for the dates. It was a courtesy thing to do. Sue Testa age 72, an individual whom I have interviewed never thought about bringing money with her when going on a date. Also, Fred Testa, age 76, never been on a date where a woman has paid. In fact, it would be rare to see a woman paying for the date. It was a male dominated type of thing.
Therefore, what did people do back then when there weren’t smartphones, social media, iPad, tablets, etc? The activities people did back then included going to movies, light fair amusement park and going to parties. According to Fred Testa, interpersonal skills were better than it is today and people would socialize more. However, since technology improved, social skills went down. Respect and chilvary played a big role back then mainly because of the equalization of the gender. Fred Testa also mentioned you’re not required to marry the pers...

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...ristics. Chores are split evenly. There are no gender specific chores.
To be a man in today’s time means they are pressured to be head of the household and support the family. Although it is not as intense as it used to be. Now it’s more balanced. Woman can also be head of the household and it’s not looked down upon, nor would it be unusual for a guy to be a stay at home dad. It wouldn’t be weird if woman was paid more. The gender role according to woman today, they can be whatever they want to be and not be pressured into things like gender role/stereotypes. Woman should be treated and respected equally. Michelle feels the pressure to look beautiful to the public. But it’s more important for woman to look smart than beautiful. Because of the history woman has been objectified such as being a stay at home mom, with this, people has an idea of what women should be.

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