How Hard Is It For Your Schedule? Essay

How Hard Is It For Your Schedule? Essay

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• How hard is it for you to stick to your schedule? Does your schedule change during the summer months and school vacations?
As of right now, Mango and Kale are not going to school. However, Mango shared that sticking to her schedule is tiring and difficult when it involves taking Kale with her. Recently, their oldest sister had gotten engaged and had an engagement party that both Mango and Kale did not attend because according to Mango, Kale took so long to get ready. The engagement party was at 3pm, Mango had finished getting herself ready at 1pm and was ready to leave the house early to meet up with her sister. But as Mango was leaving, her mom stopped her and informed her that she had to wait and take Kale with her because the rest of the family was leaving right then and there. Although Mango expressed how annoyed she was then, she did stay and waited for Kale. Before she realized that Kale had taken a little over an hour to shower and then choosing to lounge around the house instead of getting ready, Mango knew at that moment that they were not going to their sister’s engagement party. Mango said she was disappointed in Kale for being this way, but expressed that she was furious with her parents who always do this to her; telling her to wait for her brother at the very last minute because their parents didn’t want to. Later that night as I met up with Mango, I could see the angry coming out of her hand gesture and facial expression as she told me about her day.
• We’re interested in hearing about services (e.g., OT, PT, speech therapy, counseling, medical care, etc.) your child receives. Could you tell me what kind of services your child receives for their special need?
Mango doesn’t recall any services Kale received in the ...

... middle of paper ...

...affected the whole family dynamic. Before, Kale would get upset and easily frustrated about schoolwork, especially if his siblings would tease him about it. Mango states that those moments when her siblings took it as joking around is the cause of why Kale is who he is now, plus other additional factors like not having their parents around. Even so, many years later Kale doesn’t have any close relationship with any of this siblings excepts for Mango. During last year Thanksgiving dinner, Mango shared that Kale refused to be around the family, set alone eat with them. Now, everyone even the siblings who have already moved out of the house have weekly family meetings to discuss about Kale every Saturday night. Mango said their parents have even stopped Mango and her older sister from going to work once on a Friday night because Kale had skipped school and wasn’t home.

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