How Grit Is Proven For Growth, Resilience, And Tenacity Essay

How Grit Is Proven For Growth, Resilience, And Tenacity Essay

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GRIT is a four letter acronym that stands for growth, resilience, instinct, and tenacity. GRIT is the pathway to your success; it is where you test your strength and abilities to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. This includes all the sacrifices, struggles, and challenges you may encounter but as long as you do not allow them to defeat you and stop you from obtaining your goals, that is where GRIT comes in. You can apply GRIT to any aspect in your life whether it is school or work. Although, GRIT is proven to be the most effective in education, I believe that if I apply GRIT to every experience I face throughout my four years at North Carolina Central University, it will not only make things easier but I will be more successful.
The first letter in GRIT, the G, stands for growth. The first step in my game plan requires me to show growth and take more responsibility when it comes to assignments and other tasks that need to get done in all my classes. I will use GRIT to help me transition from how different my experience in high school was compared to college now. My teachers were definitely more lenient with assignments, homework, and tests. We were allowed make up opportunities and extra credit to help improve our grades. In college, there are no make up opportunities, and only a few teachers allow extra credit. This is where I can apply GRIT because it represents how you need to take advantages of the extensive opportunities that are around you in college. Everything is not handed out to you in college, but they are there you just have to take the initiative you reach out and ask for help. Professors do not accept late work or appreciate excuses to why things do not get done. If I do not understand something, I can alw...

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...d how far you are willing to go in order to be successful. Setting goals is a way for me to stay on track and stay determined and persistent in college. It is always important to set goals for yourself, whether they are short term or long term. Some short-term goals I have are typically weekly, where I organize in my planner the tasks and assignments I need to complete. My long-term goals are monthly or even yearly. I have set a goal for myself to get all A’s and B’s this semester which will help raise my GPA to my expectations. I also set a goal to get more community services hours by volunteering a Durham rescue mission and using that opportunity to be productive and do something good instead of taking the easy route to obtain community service. GRIT is all about pushing yourself and always going above and beyond to achieve your goals and becoming more successful.

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