How Graphic Organizers Really Like The Ven Diagram And The Classic Web Graphic Organizer

How Graphic Organizers Really Like The Ven Diagram And The Classic Web Graphic Organizer

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1. When it comes to graphic organizers it is visually stimulating. One can infuse colors and shapes and pictures to relay information that could be better understood for special education student. The two graphic organizers I really like are the ven diagram and the classic web graphic organizer. In the General Ed classroom that has infuse meant of special ed students classes can come together.Create their own organizers in a specific way and make it a little fun.
I really like the art and color factor of both diagrams you can make them original and infused technology to help with speech and language impairment as well.

I personally worked with a few special ed students in creating an info graph and the technology part was so fun for them all that they asked me to do it twice. Another awesome fact of many different types of graphic organizers as you can keep them in your notes and always look back at them and they 're so easy to read. The children will know what they need and how to share with others. I really like the idea of creating independently, as a class, and in small groups. There is one drawback of graphic organizers color printing is so expensive but when it is used effectively it is worth every dime.

2.When it comes to Marvin Picollo this is the five-star for special-education students. I was so pleased to see such special services for the students especially the swimming and horseback riding. For the community and makes people realize the importance of helping families and students. In the general education classroom there several little advances button nothing to the realm of the special education school. In the General Ed there are definitely many services that come through the doors from PT, OT, and of course the m...

... middle of paper ... to giving :-) faces we need to remember just to give the smile and not the frown. Let 's remember  students of all the good things they do instead of glorifying the negative behavior.

As a teacher I have noticed the kids who have excellent behavior do not get some of the rewards as some of the others with behavioral problems.
One of my first jobs a few years back was working SIP had a very difficult middle school. And it upset me from time to time that the students who acted out on a daily basis earned rewards to get out of class early or go to lunch with a friend. Yes positive reinforcement is definitely embracing. While the kids you had excellent behavior every day got very little to anything in the extra reward situations. When it comes to rewards for these children we need to address it as a whole, not just masking the problem with M and M 's or lunch dates.

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