How Graphic Design Is Art Essay examples

How Graphic Design Is Art Essay examples

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Sometimes we look at pieces of art and we understand it, and sometimes we don’t. There are many pieces of art that are straight forward and we understand right away. There are also pieces that require you to evaluate the reasons behind it. That is how art works. Art is the creativeness from the production of paintings, drawings, sculpturing, or the combining of images to get a point across. Graphic design is projecting ideas with visual and textual content. Other important factors include color, image, and space. You can see examples multiple designs on posters, advertisement, and information graphics such as newspapers and magazines.
Throughout my first two years of high school, my mind was set on pursuing a career in criminal justice. Then, just before the start of my junior year, I decided to participate in After School Matters during the summer. The program that I was placed in was 2-D Design. This program focused more on designing using technology and I was told that if my performance was outstanding, that this course will carry on for AP credit during my junior year. I wasn’t interested in art, but I also didn’t know the skills and talent that was hidden because something not of my interest. I became really advanced in this class. While everyone was learning the basics, I was already familiar with the tools to create a design. I put in a lot of time, inside and out of class, and it only made me more advanced. I started designing outside of the classroom and took this further than just the assignments I had to do. I started customizing prom banners, making information flyers and they gave me profit. The summer of my senior year I was an intern/student teacher. I was in charge of teaching 9 students, who were also intereste...

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...t paths designer can take. Some universities require a portfolio with already existing designs. This helps them determine the type of designer you are, and areas you could use improvement on. Your level of education determines your income.
One factor that is important when deciding on the career you’d like to pursue, are the available jobs. There are many people who spend years and lots of money on college tuitions and not many jobs are offered. According to Gale Resources, “ The Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications Career Cluster, is expected to grow by 15 percent between 2010 and 2018, which is considered a poor ranking among the 16 career clusters” (Career Information Center 2014). This means there will be a lot of layoffs and replacements taken making limited amount of jobs to offer. The average job salary for a graphic designer is $40,593 a year.

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