How Gpa And Intelligence Correlate, Alternative Forms Of Education Essay example

How Gpa And Intelligence Correlate, Alternative Forms Of Education Essay example

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Webster’s dictionary defines intelligence as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Many people, however, think that this definition is extremely narrow and does not encompass the various types of intelligence that a person can have. According to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Intelligence, there are nine different forms of intelligence: spatial, intrapersonal, linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, existential, logical-mathematical, musical and naturalist ( This paper will discuss how GPA and intelligence correlate, alternative forms of education that do not involve the standard GPA grading, and whether or not an individual’s GPA truly matters as an indicator of future success.
The GPA, or grade point average, grading system was first used in England in the 1790’s ( Mark W. Durm stated that, “it was not until 1792 that Cambridge University implemented the GPA and started the legitimate grading system” (2). In the 18th century, teachers were paid based on the sizes of their classrooms. Over time, the grading policy adapted to lessen teacher’s workloads, allowing them to have bigger classes. Due to this structure, the students’ success became less important than the grading system. The system used before the GPA was more advantageous than the newly implemented system. For example, more students interacted with each other, causing the students to learn important communication skills. The students’ level of friendly competition and understanding in the classroom was enough for the teacher to grasp that the students understood the material ( The GPA grading system changed learning because it made grading easier for teachers to ass...

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...esigned in the 18th century, long before the internet and the wide accessibility to information and knowledge that we have today. 200 years ago, memorization was perhaps the most important skill to be accessed. The rise of the internet has changed this dynamic dramatically. Today information and knowledge is widely available to all and companies and employers are looking for skills that are not measured by the GPA, like creativity, analysis, innovation and critical thinking;. As technology is changing the world, the educational system has been said to need to adapt and evolve. New ways to measure intelligence and potential future success are being researched and adopted by the United States. Our educational system is trying to prepare and effectively measure the success of a skilled, competitive workforce with appropriate tools and measurements for a global economy.

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