How Good Character Can Be Taught Through The Beliefs And Theories Of Aristotle And Through Effective Business Ethics Courses

How Good Character Can Be Taught Through The Beliefs And Theories Of Aristotle And Through Effective Business Ethics Courses

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Central Theme
The central theme in this article is directing its readers that good character can be taught through the beliefs and theories of Aristotle and through effective business ethics courses (mainly case studies). The author, Hartman, uses Aristotle’s perspectives to illustrate how good character is taught, or could be possibly taught. The reason I say possibly is because teaching students and teaching them something as crucial as good character must be done efficiently, which I think Hartman tries to emphasize throughout the article.

Hartman uses several Aristotle perspectives to highlight the importance of teaching good character, mainly to the future business leaders. The main lesson that I took in throughout this first article is that in order to teach good character, the student starts with themselves, and the proceeds with learning and applying these principles to themselves. It is important for the student to analyze themselves, understand themselves and see how good character can grow or improve within in. Hartman argues that, “Aristotle suggests not only that one’s character ought to be consistent over time and coherent at all times, but also that character is essential to personal identity”. It is up to the individual to critically think about themselves, who they are and to be able to practice these principles in order to obtain the goal of having good character.

Hartman is teaching the readers to comprehend and expand on the importance of education, self-identification, and willingness to understand to teach good character in the business environment. It is easy to work for a firm where good ethics is part of the culture, but doing something bad—knowing that that bad thing will hurt the company—is not part o...

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...usiness courses that I have taken have made me practice strong ethical concepts, so you can say I have remained in force overtime with these positive principles (at least to me).

This article’s lessons matter because it is extremely crucial in the business administration field—either general management, marketing, supply chain management, or information technology. Whether your business environment is very professional or not, having good character and doing the ethical thing will lead you far into your career and create a satisfactory life. Experience, case studies, and obtaining good character are the key to teaching students how to have good character and do the right thing in the workforce. As Hartman said when discussing interests, “Students need to understand that things can go wrong because they can have mistaken beliefs about the benefits of what they want”.

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