Essay on How Good Are You At Teaching The Art Of Learning?

Essay on How Good Are You At Teaching The Art Of Learning?

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After viewing the topic on learning to learn by Barbara Oakley. As well as considering the hand out on Ten Rules of Bad Studying and doing the quiz on “how good are you at teaching the art of learning?” These are then my impressions.
While the Professor and psychologist, Dr. Stephen Chew in, how to get the most out of learning, appears very controlled in his presentation, Barbara Oakley appears very much the opposite. She presents her presentation very appealing while using an example of a pinball machine as an educational tool to the audience. The mechanism is familiar with most people across diverse generations and cultures. It therefore helps to clarify the perspective she is hoping to pass on.
And so with help of the Pinball analogy she is creating a visible image for thoughts patterns are formed with familiar topic while the plunge mechanism works as a thought indicator that allows thoughts to bounce about in a familiar region of thinking and accepting of such thinking patterns. But suggesting that if there’s a new concept is created there is too much interference to consider a new way of thinking. With that in mind she introduces the focused mode and the defuse mode. The focused mode is as possible guessed the area where the thought pattern really focuses on a problem while a defused mode allows with fewer restrictions the thoughts flow freer and therefore allows to consider new concepts in relation of existing ones. While this pinball analogy works on a slide at TED TALK how would this work in the real world.
The idea is that when a person tries to grapple with a new idea and focus on this new problem in a focused mode he or she is able to move to a defused mode. With this the focused mode is allowed to get some “fresh ai...

... middle of paper ...

... correctly. However I feel there could be made some arguments that two more answers could be applied to a question. Therefore question #2
You have scheduled a Spanish test one week from today, and you have advised students to allot four hours to study. Answer (D) was correct with, do two hours tonight and two tomorrow night. While I had (C) Study one hour a night for four consecutive nights in the week. My argument was that allocating over a longer period with shorter study time allowed the student to remember better while repeating the material every evening.
Overall this allows me to form a different perspective on study habits that have been rooted for a long period of time. I followed the pattern of drilling and often cramming in the last 48 hours with changing luck. With the new information in mind there are better alternatives available to increase my grades.

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