How God Is A Part Of It And Working Essay

How God Is A Part Of It And Working Essay

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In my life I try to see how God is a part of it and working in all things. That is evident if I take time to look. As tell my experience of going to Mexico and living there for a time, I can see and recall how God was a part of that and working through me. Since this is my second time going to school (I have a previous bachelor’) for the time I went to Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL through which I made the contacts to have an internship at a children’s home and school in Mexico City, Mexico. The degree I was going for required you to have a teaching internship, and that it would be multicultural and abroad if possible. The missionary couple that was on campus the year before I went down there was this organization’s president at the time. I got to know them, Terry and Carol (excluding last name), who now reside in Boise, ID at Boise Bible College. They informed me not only could I do my internship there, the school was in need of English teachers. So I went I decided to stay the extended time of one school year, at Ninos de Mexico, a children’s home and school made for ...

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