How Gender Roles Affect Wealth Essay

How Gender Roles Affect Wealth Essay

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Everyone is familiar with the common thoughts about how gender roles affect wealth. The common statistics that are regurgitated when someone brings up the argument; women get paid less, women are expected to raise their children, and women are expected to keep a pristine home. All of these ideas seemingly have women stuck in a rut; unable to move forward and succeed equally as their male counterparts. In modern times, the stereotypical idea that women can never succeed and find happiness in the workplace is no longer true. While there are still several setbacks for women, current views of the gender barrier between men and women are changing and leveling the playing field— making it easier for women and men to excel equally in the workforce.
Women have always been suppressed and lagging behind men in the professional world. Women did not gain the right to vote in the United States until 1920. It was never a thought for women to join the work force until World War II, when there were not enough men to do the jobs. Even today, the average working woman makes 78 cents less than the average working man. Today, women try hard to balance what is expected of them (raising a family, cleaning the house, cooking meals) and attempting to climb the corporate ladder like their male counterparts. Women who choose home life over work life are seen as weak; they are known as choosing to take the “mommy track” – the name for women who choose to stay home with their children, whereas women who choose work life over home life are seen as heartless and cold—giving up a family life for success and wealth. These oppositions loom over women, keeping them forever trailing behind their male competition. The number one obstacle is the sexual discriminatio...

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...s continue to change so will the success for women. As more Americans desire to spend more time with family things that once previously held back women – losing promotions, less pay, and glass ceilings caused by the lack hours willing to work – will no longer hold them back because men will do the same. This will bring equality to America – it will give women the advantage to become just as successful, or even more successful, than their male counterparts. Men and women alike are starting to realize working endlessly and focusing solely on financial gains is no longer important. Family life is becoming increasingly important. This importance of family relaxes the traditional gender norms that women must be the sole caregiver. All of these factors add to more equality in the work force giving women the advantage they need to find success and happiness in their careers.

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