How Gender Identity Is Defined As A Role Play Essay

How Gender Identity Is Defined As A Role Play Essay

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Ancient China held a legend that the God of Heaven created humans, thus, the first baby boy on earth was born. In place of a missing partner, God created a girl to accompany the boy with the intention of newborn lives on earth. Consider the storyline written over the past decade that we have heard over again for many times. A child who has already learned the concept of the story will know how it is going to turn out, and we recall the tale to the following generation for the same reason, in hoping that they will learn something significant out of the story. The idea of gender roles in society behaves just exactly the same way, people constantly doing gender and doing it in the same manner has greater influence from generation to the next, thus, we learn and keep the traditions relapse on repeatedly. I have learned that gender identity is defined as a role-play due to a written script and survival guide. We are as gender playing a role, or acting like a man and woman because society set the norms that tells us what to be. Consequently, we have to consider why gender standardized because society often criticize and feel empower towards the abnormal.
From the time that we were born, our parents began to categorized us by differentiating us by our gender. Males and females are differentiated by their gender roles, causing our parents to raise us in a certain way. For instance, parents taught their babies differently depend on their biological sex, expect their child to grow up having to recognize his masculine or her feminine role. In particular, my oldest sibling presumes as an intelligent individual ever since he was born. My dad once said, “if you are a man that is not educated, people would look down on you”, being a man mean th...

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...more over time. As much as any girls can relate, once we have put on dresses and heels, we will constantly be doing it as long as we look up to the people around us.
In conclusion, gender identity is nothing but a paper written in black and white. To identify one another, we created a name for everything, naturally, we grew up and adapt to a name that is already been made. Ultimately, in order to maintain the order of these norms, we exercise and apply it to our ordinary life, from the environment we grew up in within the influences. For the most part, each gender group represent characteristics that are equivalent and designate to one another, in another words, gender interact with each other for survival purposes. All I’m trying to say is we were created apart to categorized as a female or a male to play the part of how society think it is the most logical sense.

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