How Gambling And Gaming Has Been A Big Part Of The Culture Of Native Americans

How Gambling And Gaming Has Been A Big Part Of The Culture Of Native Americans

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Gambling and gaming has been a big part of the culture of Native Americans. Games consist of dice activities, shell activities, archery competitions, races, and other games that deal with a form of gambling. But in the 1800’s Native Americans were moved to Indian Reservations by the federal government. As a result, most Natives tribes were struggling as an economic system and limited with what they could do. Still today, most Native Americans struggle living on the reservations. Most tribes suffer from poverty, unemployment, lack of welfare services, poor schooling, alcoholism, and other economical struggles. These examples are a sign of poverty and despair on Indian reservations.

Around the 1970’s and 1980’s, gamling was becoming popular on reservations which generated profit and revenue within Indian communities. But it was not until officially 1988 the United States federal law went into effect that governs and looks over Indian gaming regulations. This legislation gives the rights to all Natives to build casinos for gambling. But before that time, there was no governing law that looked over Indian gaming.

Some states in the United States such as Florida and California made bingo legal. But this resulted for these states having very strict rules and regulations. Some of these tribes in these states that made bingo legal did not follow these laws because they wanted to hold onto their tribal sovereignty. Over the years to come, Indian bingo started to emerge in other states such as New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, other states in the Midwest, and east coast states. Many government officials did not like seeing the uprising of bingo in these states because it decreased government gaming operations. But as for Native...

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... casinos, there has been a big uprising of prosperity and success to native tribes all over the United States. As of 2006, it was reported that $25.7 billion in gross revenue from Indian gaming. According to the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), they reported at 5% increase in 2007 of $26 billion of gross revenue, due to the growth of Indian gaming and popularity. Also $3.2 billion of revenue was brought from hospitality and entertainment services (resorts, hotels/motels, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc…). Reported by the NIGC, 670,000 jobs all over the United States was given to natives due to the popular growth of Indian gaming. As a result of all of this, Indian gaming is a crucial and cultural aspect of Natives all over the United States because it preserves tradition, culture, and bring economic prosperity and success for Native American tribes.

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