How Free Will Do We Have? Essay

How Free Will Do We Have? Essay

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How much free will do we have? How free are your choices? This old problem about free will has been debated for many years, but why it is a problem to be solved, everyone knows what free will is. However, not everyone has the same idea about it. Some people might say free will is not existed and it is an illusion, but others could have an opposite view about it and say it is obviously that there is free will. It is clearly that human beings do have free will. In fact, all of our decisions were made by our own choices whether they are consciously or unconsciously. However, most people do not just live with themselves but in a society, and there are laws and rules within it. Choices and decisions might be limited because of those barrier, but free will always exist within individual in any circumstance, because everyone is free to choose whether he or she is free to choose or not. Even thought our will are free, our choices are not infinite like how we think they are.
We are free to make our own choices, but we are not free from the consequences of our choices (Meyer). It is how our everyday decisions are made. Every individual’s mind is free from making choices, but it is influenced within or without the society. Elements that effect our decisions such as the people around us, the situation we are into. For example, parent can limit their children’s options by controlling every aspect of their life. Especially Asian American children who born in a traditional Asian family have to study a “good” major, go to a good college, or get good grade in order to please their parent. Because they were born in America, “they are exposed to freedom of speech, freedom to choose and well freedom to everything,” but “they cannot exercise their f...

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...mplementing the desire. Although a person’s mind might think about a different sexuality, but the people around that person still see him or her with the real gender. As a member or a family or a society in some countries, it is impossible for an individual to have another gender different than male or female legally, and that person can even be discriminated by his or her own family members.
Even though the lawful society and the majority have a huge influence on our will, it is impossible for an individual’s will to rise above everything unless it is not limited by itself. Most people blame their circumstances for their bad decisions. However, their free will always remains intact, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. Your decisions space is not only influenced by external factors but also by your own mental attitude toward the idea of free will. 

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