How Female And Female Students Use Language Differently Essay

How Female And Female Students Use Language Differently Essay

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How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently
Nowadays we live in a world, which claims us to be educated. Everyone believes that he should have education in order to get a good job. We guess that education is the answer to all our problems. And to choose future profession means to find the right way to better future. The value of education in human life is growing, and so it cannot be limited to the period of study. The urgent need for the nurturing of knowledge led to the emergence of such an interesting phenomenon in public life as continuous education. This process is accompanied by the search for new forms and methods that promote the correct formation of a scientific outlook, a deeper understanding of the economic and social changes.
Education - is one of the oldest social institutions that caused the needs of society to reproduce and transmit knowledge, abilities and skills, prepare a new generation for life, prepare subjects of social action to address the economic, social and cultural problems facing humanity. In today 's world of education - is a complex and diverse social phenomenon, the scope of transmission and processing of obtaining knowledge and social experience.
In human life learning takes a long time, taking its creative power and productive years. While claiming to be a profession, young people should learn at least ten - fifteen years, and higher qualification for the profession - training comes to twenty years. Education intervenes in human life since childhood, when a person does not have a clear understanding of the psychological consequences of this intervention.
A special place in enriching the intellectual potential of the country belongs to teachers. No other profession puts such claims to r...

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...ent participation of male and female students is variety of forms of discussions. Researches show, that boys are more engaged in debates. They do like finding answers for the questions during the debate conversations and arguing. They speak their mind, supporting it by facts. And speaking about girls, they prefer to communicate in small groups which contain close friends. At first, girls find people, they can be sure about, and only then they start to communicate, share their opinions, personal experience and secrets. Teacher has to pay attention to these two forms of discussion if he wants his lessons to be productive and more interesting for students.
However, all these things are of personal view of every class, and teacher should not use them properly without making the students a challenge about the most convenient ways of participations in discussions for them.

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