How Family Can Be Much More Than Just Marriage And Genetics Essay

How Family Can Be Much More Than Just Marriage And Genetics Essay

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The term “family” often referred to as a group of people joined by shared genetics, living accommodations or by marriage. I agree that a “family” can share those common factors, but I also believe that family can be much more than just marriage and genetics. I believe the term “family” is anyone you have in-depth associations with on a regular basis; you trust that person with not only your life but with deep memories and thoughts. Your family is your support system based off trust, love and commitment. A family can include the blood relatives as well as your closest friends and even coworkers and animals, but when constructing a genogram there should only be those related by blood or marriage. If I would have taken into consideration the other half of my family definition then I would have included my friends, boyfriend, family friends and animals on my genogram, due to the extensive impact they have in my life.
Since I only included the direct line from my grandparents to me, I left out my aunts, uncles and cousins. In a more complex genogram it would be logical to include those members and the varying “interactional” symbols that define the relationship. For example, the ex-husband of my aunt on my father’s side would have had a “cutoff” notation and the same for an aunt on my mother’s side who cut our family out of her life. I would not have had any relevant information (of those two people and their families) regarding the basics needed to complete the genogram. The husband of my other aunt on my mother’s side would have had some kind of notation stating our dislike for him. Another section left out, due to lack of accurate information, was the marital history of my maternal grandmother. It is unclear of when she was marri...

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...y we communicate more with one another, our animals (four dogs, three cats and two sugar gliders) and a selection of a few friends. My uncle on my father’s side formerly turned to alcohol (as did his mother when she was alive) but now turns to work and his fiancé. On my mother’s side, one of my aunts, who is a preacher, turns to church in times of need. The important thing to remember is that the diversity in our social networks is what makes us, us.
Overall, this genogram assignment forced me to deeply think about those related to me and how there is disconnect between some of us. I can now see (on paper) the relationships that need mended and through the analysis of social networks and values I know the best method of doing so. Not only did I recognize the shortcomings in our relationships but I realized how much integrity and respect there is in our foundation.

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