How Facebook Can Become More Common Practice? Essay

How Facebook Can Become More Common Practice? Essay

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It goes without saying that social networking is a part of most people’s lives, even older people unfamiliar with technology are signing up to stay in touch with their families, to be able to see a upcoming event or a cute picture of the grandkids. Without the infrastructure or advent of apps like Facebook and Twitter amount of exposure to each person’s life would be more limited. As society goes forward in the technological age it should become more common practice to utilize social networking outlets to keep in touch with friends and family, expand individual contact base for different opportunities, and even organize or participate in political events that wouldn’t have been possible before.
According to Farhad Manjoo Twitter has become a very popular form of communication, with a marked increase of visitors to the site in a short amount of time. He goes on to explain how a twitter communication uses up to 140 characters for an immediate update or thought that is on someone’s mind. Twitter is a way to post about quick thoughts or updates of someone’s life, and it is not balan...

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