Essay How Enzymes Reacts With The Food Or Whatever We Take?

Essay How Enzymes Reacts With The Food Or Whatever We Take?

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work of an enzyme
This is to show what occurs to the food that we consume on a daily basis.One of the process that bring growth in mammals (human beings) is the intake of diffrent types of food. And this food that we eat cannot generate growth by itself but it has to work with glands, hormones, enzymes etc. With this report we will focus on how enzymes reacts with the food or whatever we take in.

What is an enzyme? An enzymes is a substance produced by a living organism that acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. It is a biochemical catalyst that allow chemical reaction to take place, it is a functional protein that regulates various metabolic pathway of the body.

On this note what is a catalyst? A catalyst is a chemical that reduces the amount of activation energy needed to start a chemical reaction. Catalyst participate in chemical reaction but are not themselves changed by the reaction.

The Objective : The role of an enzyme in the cell is to act as a chemical catalyst that allow metabolic reaction. Enzymes are proteins and have the chemical properties of proteins.They are usually tertiary or quaternary proteins of complex shape . Often their molecule contain a cofactor inorganic iron or vitamins may make up part of a cofactor if the cofactor is an organic non protein molecule it is called coenzyme.

The materials are Graduated cylinders,starch solution ,Amylase Enzyme,Distilled water,water bath set to 37 degrees Celsius, glass stirring rod, Lugol 's iodine solution ,Benedict 's reagents,Boiling water bath, small glass test Tubes,egg white, pepsinogen in KCI buffer,0.5M HYDROCHLORIC ACID, Biuret reagents, fifteen glass test tubes,Test tube rack, vegetable oil ,rubber stopper,Sudan red stain, liqu...

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...“globules” in the small intestine. In this form it is nearly impossible for the enzyme pancreatic lipase to catalyse the breakdown of lipase into monoglycerides and free fatty acid because it has only a small surface area on which area to work pancreatic lipase. The first step in lipase digestion is to breakup this large fat globule into smaller piece, a process called emulsification.

Protein digestion begins in the stomach with the enzyme pepsin secreted from chief cells in the gastric glands as the inactive proenzyme pepsinogen becomes the active enzyme pepsin when it encounters an acidic environment pepsin begins digestive proteins into polypeptides and free amino acids . The remainder of protein digestion occur in the small intestine with pancreatic enzymes such as trypsin and kimotripses and also brush border enzyme such as carboxy peptides and amino peptides.

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