How Efficient And Reliable The Collected Data Essay

How Efficient And Reliable The Collected Data Essay

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This report was published in April 2015 in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. It is a result of inputs by various academicians from health faculties of different institutions of higher learning. This paper aims to develop a case on how efficient and reliable the collected data is, basing on the approaches adopted in the fulfillment of the study. This will be done by analyzing the various parts of the research paper as compiled by the contributors.
Research Problem, Research Question, and Main Points
The problem statement for research is meant to give the team a clear image of how the situation is concerning their research (Leyva-Moral & Riu Camps, 2016). It covers both the global and the local status concerning the problem that the authors of a research article are concerned with. In this paper, the problem has been provided in the introduction part of the research with the provision of the dynamics of hypertension globally to the local level in Ethiopia. This has been marked by the use of figures and periods indicating how the incidence and prevalence of hypertension have changed. It indicates what prompted the team to embark on conducting research in the named condition.
The research has also indicated whom the problem affects, when it affects them and how. In this case, the population has been divided into male and female with the prevalence in different parts of the world being higher in women compared to men, with examples of India having the lowest prevalence as well as Poland and South Africa having the highest. Data was obtained using different approaches such as carrying out tests, and also the respondents were asked questions concerning their lifestyle, most of which are associated with the incidence of hypertension such ...

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...rtension in the population. Therefore, a study to reveal factors impeding diagnosis of hypertension in the society would be instrumental in addressing hypertension and other related conditions.
Upon considering its development, this study could have been improved. First, the presentation of this study needed to be more precise by using specific subheadings. Some of the aspects that are conspicuously missing is a literature review that has been incorporated with the introduction. Others include the background of the study where the researchers could bring out the journey that led to going out to the community and collect data. In the literature review, the authors have mentioned the age at which the risk of hypertension increases is twenty years. Therefore, it was essential to have the study population sample consisting those persons aged twenty and above.

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