How Effective Is The Social Media Marketing For Building Up The Brand Loyalty Of The Consumers

How Effective Is The Social Media Marketing For Building Up The Brand Loyalty Of The Consumers

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Irem Eren Erdogmus and Mesut Cicek, says that how effective is the social media marketing for building up the brand loyalty of the consumers. Loyalty towards a brand brings in sales revenue, market share and profit towards an organization. With the help of a brand an organization can at least keep them in the marketplace.

The researcher tells that there are various qualities that a brand must hold to shown that it is loyal towards its consumers.
• To provide with an effective campaign
• Give appropriate content what the consumer wants
• Offers current content regarding a particular brand
• Found on various platforms and provides applications on social media.
Marketers have utilized various means to maintain the brand loyalty of their customers, including brand elements, classical marketing mix variables, and new methods of marketing such as events, sponsorships, one-to-one marketing activities, Internet marketing and social media marketing (Keller, 2008; Kotler and Keller, 2007)

The researcher also wants to state that brand building, and building brand loyalty defines the process which helps in establishing social media as a strong tool. It also states that Social media marketing is different than traditional marketing and should be taken special attention.

José Vicente Sanchís Verdeguer, Ángel Peiró-Signes, María-del-Val Segarra-Oña says that social media plays an important part in making consumer decisions. It also includes influencing on decision-making process, sharing information with each other, forming and communicating opinions and attitudes, influencing in purchase process, and evaluating and analyzing experience post purchase.

Sumitha R. says that brand loyalty is about buying a particul...

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...d loyalty, companies will be able to position themselves in the market and effect customer preferences. Social media is inexpensive and marketer always prefers it to communicate with the consumer.

Susanne Emond and Hanna Selling says the importance of customer loyalty for online businesses has shown tremendous growth. With the increase of social media influence in the digital media platform companies increased understanding of the importance of having loyal customers, the question of social media usage in developing customer loyalty has become more and more prominent. Social media encourage companies to engage directly with the consumer at low cost and with higher efficiency.

Technology is getting more advanced every year. Advertisements on social media are growing more; online marketing is playing an important role in the marketing plan of many companies

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