How Educational Systems Will Operate In Future Essay examples

How Educational Systems Will Operate In Future Essay examples

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How Educational Systems Will Operate In Future
The education system over the last 100 years has largely remained unchanged despite major technological advancements and the changing global economic environment that require new skills and experiences. Despite numerous pedagogical concepts being introduced in the education system, the traditional mode of instruction has continued to dominate today’s classrooms. However, though most educators have been hesitant in adopting technological advancements and applying them in education, the wave of change is inescapable. Future educational systems will have to embrace new ideas in order to be more effective in preparing students for the changing global economic demands. This paper reflects on the views of authors of two journal articles on the topic of how educational systems will operate in the future. The main ideas presented in this paper include teachers’ competencies in preparing students for a knowledge economy and how educational computing will operate in the future.
According to Andrawes, students need to be equipped with skills needed in accessing and processing the wide array of information made available by the advancing technology. Educators also need to equip students with the knowledge of using computers and be familiar with the wide range of technologies (2011). In addition, it is incumbent upon the stakeholders in the education system to incorporate technologies used in the marketplace and the newly emerging ones into the school program. Beyond meeting these recommendations, Andrawes (2011) go further and propose that educational systems need to focus on providing education to people of all ages. In this regard, schools in the future will be continuous and constant facili...

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...geluth, 2011).
In addition, the instruction function will play a fundamental role in assisting in the development of new instructional resources and managing a personalized scope of instruction based on the nature of each project. Within the instruction function, a fully integrated assessment function will provide original tasks aimed at assessing the performance of each student. In addition, the assessment function will be crucial in facilitating prompt feedback and in designing and developing personalized assessment of each student. Besides these primary multiple functionalities, the PIES will accommodate secondary functions such as information on school personnel, general student data, communication, and PIES administration. Therefore, PIES will be a major development that points to how future educational systems will operate (Aslan & Reigeluth, 2011).

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