Essay on How Does The Poet 's Love For The Dark Lady?

Essay on How Does The Poet 's Love For The Dark Lady?

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Q. How does the poet 's love for the young man differ from his love for the Dark Lady?
William Shakespeare, the immortal Poet and Dramatist, is considered to be the greatest English dramatist and poet. His writings include plays, comedies, historical plays, and tragedies and some numerous sonnets. He wrote one hundred fifty four sonnets during 13th to 14th century, which mostly discussed about his love towards the “Handsome Young Man” and “The Dark Lady”. Shakespeare addressed from sonnet 1- 126 about an unidentified young man with outstanding physical and intellectual attributes. And from sonnets 127-154, Shakespeare devoted most of his attention to addressing a mysterious "dark lady" who explained as a sensuous, irresistible woman and beautiful who captivated the poet. Desire and love cannot be justified, calculate or that may not allow any limitations if someone has fallen in love with someone. But this is quite confused that Shakespeare showed his love in the sonnets a young man that might indicated to another definition, while others might find these sonnets as expressions of platonic love and affection. Another character is woman who is a mistress. Now the question arises that whether his love towards the young man differ from his love for the dark lady or not.
Shakespeare’s sonnets include love, the danger of lust and love, difference between real beauty and clichéd beauty, the significance of time, life and death and other natural symbols such as, star, weather and so on. Among the sonnets, I found two sonnets are more interesting that show Shakespeare’s love for his addressee. The first sonnet is about the handsome young man, where William Shakespeare elucidated about his boundless love for him and that is sonnet 116. T...

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...He explains that his lover, the dark lady, has wires for hair, bad breath, dull cleavage, a heavy step, pale lips and so on, but to him, real love is, the sonnet implies, begins when we accept our lovers for what they are as well as what they are not. But other critics may not agree with this and to them, beauty may define to something else.
Finally, the analysis of the theme “Love” may varies from person to person. The readers might be confused about Shakespeare’s love after reading the love towards the “Young Man” and the “Dark Lady”. In one place, he praised his love for a man what may confuse the readers that may indicates him as a homosexual and in another one, he tried to insult a lady by using such unconventional words instead of using such good words. In both of the sonnets, he mainly focused on his love which is unchangeable, realistic and strong.

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